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"Her first move, make the entire group female"

Just imagine the freakout they would have if you reversed that sentence. Fucking stupid cunts. No wonder the series is getting worse with each release.

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Today, the Lucasfilm story group is a diverse outlier in Hollywood: five of its members are people of color, and the team includes four women and seven men.

No wonder it has gone to shit.

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Ikr, I didn't like what I was hearing about Episode 8 (I managed to convinced my cousin into not seeing it). But this article made me cry internally, since I love SW.

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Read the books. Sooooo much better than this shit; and books are always better anyway.

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The fucked it up by all accounts, pandering to SJW mores without and checks and balances in place. All the female characters are flawless, all the men are complete fuckups, and rationality of plot, the gravity of the situation and any adherence to character based on the previous films all went out the window. As expected the entertainment press has been circling the wagons and running damage control on the whole thing by framing the mainstream narrative that it's only a vocal fraction of the fanbase, and the SJW poster defence force is pulling the whole 'these people don't understand the subtext' as a means to handwave away the innumerable criticisms that are being flung at it. It's star wars though, so they will make money regardless.

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... into the ground.

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Can anyone say Mare-Rey-Sue?

That world is dead to me now. It used to be a beautiful bit of escapism on a Saturday afternoon, the old one still are; but this shit isn't worth watching much less debating and critiquing.

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Ruin, not run.

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diversity nigger with the worse star wars movie every... imagine that..

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I'm a woman and I don't want women running Star Wars. I also don't want to see women doing sports interviews and commentary. Women are better at some things and men are better at some things. I want Star Wars not to be about PC and SJW shit.

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Enemy Propaganda needs enemy propaganda writers.

How to troll Disney:

At next investors quarterly earnings call, call in and claim to be something like Moshe Cohen from Credit Suisse. Ask Bob Iger with the abject failure of nearly every single feminist narritive science fiction film of the last decade except Wonder Woman, and that a barely passable success, with such glaring failure examples as Ghost Busters, Eon Flux, etc. etc, and the turning of American Core Demographic Shift to Donald Trump supporters, NFL implosion due to Leftist Political Support, how can Disney Executives justify alienating and demonizing the 18-35 demographic. Then call for a vote of no confidence of the entire Executive and General Staff of the Company. Demand every leftist in and feminist in company be purged or you'll be shorting the stock immediately.

Then enjoy the chaos as hundreds of billions of dollars suddenly and unexpectedly change hands with the power of words and fools greed.