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The only "Privilege" there is in the world is MONEY. MOOLAH. BEING RICH. It's that simple.


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I am having this printed and framed.

Salon, more or less the Pravda of today’s social justice left


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Thank you, very well worded and informative explanation of what's wrong with this SJW bullshit. Also:

the revelation that Benjanun Sriduangkaew, a young Thai female author, not only doubled as a militant “social justice” blogger but had a third identity as a notorious LiveJournal troll known for egregious harassment, including death and rape threats—often toward nonwhite, female or transgender victims.

OMG the drama! Be right back, I have some googling to do.


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Yesterday I was in 'conversation' with someone claiming to be an SJW and it was going ok as far as arguments go. Until I obviously said something this person couldn't counter and out of the blue I was told "I'm gonna rape your family." And it was the first time I've ever come across an awful threat personally and especially the first time on this website ever. Made me realise that these people have fucking multiple personality disorder or something. They are the ones creating all this hostility and horror and yet they're the also the ones complaining about it as if someone else said it?


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You needed a mic for that. That would have been something to take to the police.


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Benjanun Sriduangkaew, a young Thai female author,

Gotta love that hiding behind the yellow shirt of privilege whilst using the alias Winterfox attacking women for not being women.

It's the SJW version of GamerGate!


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Archive links for this post:

I am Mnemosyne, goddess of memory. I remember so you don't have to.


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What the actual fuck? White guy doesn't even want to write anymore because the possibility exists that he may hurt someone's fee-fees? My God the lunatics have taken over.

"In this climate, it is not surprising that a while male poet would write an agonized letter to a literary blog wondering if he should stop writing: he feels guilty about writing from a white male perspective but also worries that if he writes in the voice of women or minorities, he would be “colonizing” their stories."


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I know this is off topic, and I deeply apologize for derailing any of the many well thought out discussion points in this article, but..

Could they possibly have chosen a worse picture of Magneto? I think even a shot of only the back of his helmet could have been slightly better than what they went with. I don't even care about Magneto or pictures of him, but that was just a really, really odd choice.


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"Everything they say is projection" Sargon


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I've always thought that privilege and oppression scales read like an RPG game.

Someone should make an actual game where you battle monsters who are based on people and have the corresponding privileges.

Imagine having a "Black Female" card and playing it against a Cop.

Well you get a -5 to Freedom so jail attacks are more likely to hit but a +8 to Judicial Armour so the damage is highly negated.

It would be the new Cards against humanity.

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