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With all sincerity, I place dogs higher than niggers.

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Honestly, I don't even feel like that needs to be said around here.

This website is the best.

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Well duh, niggers are below all other animals.

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We smell children hugs, let us in

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I do admit it. I have had every kind of pet you can imagine (I kinda used to run an illegal internet pet-shop). Dogs are by far the best, followed by well behaved parrots (they can be very hit or miss).

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I read that owning an African Congo parrot is like having a 3 year old that lives for 70 years.

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You are thinking of African Grey. They are the hardest parrots because they are widely considered the smartest. If you know what you are doing they are great. Far smarter than dogs, about on par with Chimpanzee. Problem with parrots is they never really forgive and they have excellent memories. Loose your temper and make it feel emotionally abused and your done, and they do live like 60-80 years. The ones most associated with little children are Macaws. I used to care for one working in an exotic animal pet shop. They can't learn as many words and tricks as African Greys but they are much larger (If they really wanted, they could probably snap your finger off) and they love mischief. They also live longer, at least 80. I absolutely would never recommend having one as a pet unless you really know what you're doing. Personally I prefer medium parrots, they usually live 40-50. I had a Youyou I really loved and kinda regret selling, but parrots are not for people with full time jobs.

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