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Bitch please, I harvested 4 gallons of ROTTING tomatoes that developed over the last week while I was gone. Weird thing is most of them had blossom end rot. I'm having a bit of a crisis with that right now, I'm going to try just cutting out watering, especially since it's going to rain this week. I think excessive watering can cause blossom end rot. I'm sure it's exacerbated by either not enough calcium or way too low PH right now though.

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Save and grind up your eggshells. Spread in the garden. Keeps slugs and snails away, too.

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calcium def. is not the only cause for BER uneven watering can cause it too. Also a stressed transplant/plant.

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Another thing to try is pulverized lime. Put a bit around the plant when flowers show up.

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I had so many tomatoes yesterday that i put a table outside with a sign that said free organic tomatoes. The last two cucumbers of the year as well. Nobody took them, so into the crock pot they go. Spaghetti sauce for months. It's my third round of sauce this summer.

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once it is cooked, how do you store it? Canning?

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It tastes good so I use it pretty quickly. I just put it into the freezer. Throw a sauce-cube into the pot and heat it up while I cook my pasta.

I've canned the cukes but I'm unsure about the tomatoes. The sauce lasts a few months in the freezer but we eat it quick around here. I'm out now after the couple of gallons I made the last six weeks. No preservatives. Lots of garlic and basil.

We eat pasta once a week at least. Lately twice.

I've also used tomatoes for salsa, salads, guacamole, and one night I even made like a hamburger helper type pasta in a skillet. Usually I use a jar of store bought sauce a week and one or two Roma tomatoes. This summer it's been at least ten tomatoes a week in one form or another.

We have peas and green beans. And I had three corns but just as they were ready for eating a big ass woodchuck ate them, probably to get at the bugs that were living in them. The corn is the only pests we had save the odd tomato hornworm. Good summer.

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My tomatoes were shit but I did the same with my cucumbers

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Mine all started splitting.

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Water them on a more regular basis. When they get water after not having enough, the tomatoes swell faster than the skins can keep up.

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Thanks for the tip, Totes. I need a timer setup since I’m gone a lot.

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Keep up the good work!

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It's good land, not me.

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I wish. My tomatoes were shit this year and last year. Wish I knew what the issue was. I had this volume the first year of my garden

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Check a soil test? They're like $10 off amazon. Mine was just nitrogen deficient (like most lawns are). Hit it with fertilizer once at the start and one spray in the middle. If plants are too happy, they don't produce.

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Assuming they are too happy. The current ones are probably over 6feet tall at this point andhave produced literally one ripe tomato. Have a bunch of green ones now but it's starting to cool so not sure theywill ever vine ripen

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Right there with your. I've got more tomatoes than I know what to do with. Same goes for everything else.

My beds didn't produce much over the summer, but I didn't water them. Gonna need irrigation next year.

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Mine were awful this year. Started out just great, but then too much rain in NJ. It ruined them. So upsetting. The tops wouldn't ripen. Such a shame. But my chickens still enjoyed them.

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