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As a former chef, I still never got the obsession with spice. I love heat, but when it masks the food/ruins my meal - I have to tone it back.

Worked with a guy that would make habenero sauce with the seeds. I tried it, it was fucking bitter and awful.

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Most legit sauces have the seeds and pith, its up to the maker to fix the flavor and adjust for those 2 things.

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I like it when Gordon Ramsay puts retards who just dump chili powder into everything in their place. A small amount of spice can compliment some things but there's never an excuse for excessive spiciness except shitty chains who want to attract drunks with no taste buds. I love the flavor of ghost peppers but they're pretty much too hot to use in any amount that adds good flavor to a dish.

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Naw naw naw, powdered GPs, breh. Adds really good smoky flavor like paprika, but it's also super spicy. I keep it on the table like salt and pepper. That way I can make spicy stuff that everyone can tolerate, but the people who want it spicier can have it spicier without completely changing what it tastes like.