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@middle_path I don't think anyone is going to see my post, tell me I matter

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You matter! I see you went with the cauliflower, hope it comes out well. And everything is looking healthy.

Nice spurge, loser.

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Both, I have 4 cauliflower spots and 4 broccoli spots. After I removed all the excess kale and potato area I had a ton of room. Figured I can't use more than 4 heads probably anyway, would have to bother with staggered planting to get any more benefit. I'm definitely planning to pickle some cauliflower and maybe even broccoli. I'd be pretty happy if I had enough pickled food to use as main ingredients for meals all winter.

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Looks beautiful bro, good shit.

..I really really fucked a patch of earth. I've had a (very small) rock pond next to one of my beds, it used to be a coy pond. Over the last few years its just become a mosquito haven. Anyway, the native soil where I am is full of clay so Iv'e been building the soil up with rich organic matter for the last few years (compost, cover crop, mulch) and the plants I've kept there had recently flourished... We've been in a drought and after it recently rained I had been using the rain water from the pond to hand water these special plants I had there.

I totally forgot that I shocked the pond with chlorine last year because of the mosquitoes. There goes all the organic matter I've built up over 3 years. I've been calling myself a stupid motherfucker all week for such a dumb mistake. I'm still really pissed at myself. A real Zero's of the farm moment for me.