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I let my basil go to seed and die off naturally last year. This year I bought more plants and put them in the ground when spring came around.

A few weeks later, BOOM!!! Basil explosion. All the seeds from last year sprouted. Next year I will not buy seeds.

So for any goats who grow it, just dont do anything IMO and it will return next year.

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Basil is a leafy green in my house.

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I have a basil plant at work that I got for free from our nursery guy. I've just been watering it & pinching off the flowers. Now there are 11 plants in this one pot, most about two feet high. Not sure what to do with all that basil aside from months of pesto? Any ideas?

I plan on moving them indoors to the atrium near the first frost and seeing if I can keep them alive through winter that way. Problem is, not sure what to do with all that basil.

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Take them to a farmers market and sell them for a couple of bucks a peice.

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Or make your own pesto to sell.

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Maybe I'll see how long I can keep some alive this winter.

I've propagated stems in the past with great success, now to make it endless.

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What can you use Basil for, besides a spice?

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I mainly use it for making pesto and add it to chimichurri sauce. I also like sprucing up frozen pizza by adding it and tomato slices before baking. Of course there's caprese and bruschetta. But just like anything else you grow, however you use it will be that much better because it's seasoned with pride for having used something you've grown rather than shaking out some dried bits from a container.

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