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Bocking 14? You don't have enough roots from your other comfrey?

Now, what makes a cottage garden?

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Bocking 14 is a cultivar that doesn't reseed, so it's not as invasive. Root division is required for propagation. I've got loads of comfrey, but it would probably out compete the other plants in a few years and then I'd have a comfrey garden. Plus I really like the flowers on comfrey, which I can't enjoy with other cultivars unless I want it to take over.

As for a cottage garden, think of the Shire or Hansel and Gretel. Densely packed plants that are more informal and self caring, vs your typical HOA type landscaping. I'm hoping that in two or three years I can walk away from maintenance of this area and have a massive wall of continually flowering plants that looks like it popped out of 14th century England.

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Awesome. I guess I've always been shooting for a cottage garden. Big fan of perennials that just do their own thing. Though I am falling in love with Coleus and Rex Begonias!

Thanks for the info. Can't wait to see how it looks next year.