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That's a great trick, but how do you get him to not pull out the rest of the landscaping when you aren't looking?

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By saying, "no". If your dog isn't coddled to retardism then they can learn a lot of subtleties. There were a lot of chickens around the last place I lived, my dog never touched any of my chickens, but god forbid if a stray/neighbor's chicken ever caught his eye...the explosion of feathers was always downright impressive.

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I thought middle_path was a girl

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I have videos of me talking.

I'm not a girl, senpai.

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I've seen your videos, I'm still not convinced :)

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He ain’t! He wears corduroy in the middle of a hot summer though!!!

don’t you @middle_path!


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I love my cords, man.

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Can I borrow the doggo? We got some manzanita bushes needing pulled out. Shit, I'd need at least five dogs.

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Lol, stop making me want a dog.

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Get a corgi if you ever get a dog. They're the best. Attitude and almost the same protection as a big dog, but in a more companionish breed with more portability and hilarity.

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That's so cute. She just wanted to help. You can see as she comes back to her master she is looking for the accomplishment cues.