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Minus the loads of banana peppers I've already plucked.

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Looks nice. What's the name of the ones on the left, those thin red ones. They look very similar to a type I grow but don't have the name. And do they turn partly or fully black before ripening to red?

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They look a lot like Red Thai, but could be wrong. Lots of peppers look the same.

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Thai dragon and cayenne hybrid. I hybridized them myself on mistake couple years ago I've been trying to keep them going they come out great I love the flavor expecially when pickled or in a hot sauce

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Hot damn that looks tasty.

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I've got blooms but no fruit on my Bangkok chilis. How long is it supposed to take?

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2-3 months generally.

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Excellent. I am envious.

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I'm so jelly. Wish I could grow that. Are those scotch bonnets, in the middle? Just bought a huge pack, since they're in season. Enough to make some hot sauce to last all year. Best tasting hot pepper, imo.

Red Thais are okay, I guess. :p Prefer the green kind; taste more like jalapeños, but with a kick.

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Cajun bell peppers sweet like a bell pepper spicy like cajun spice. The red thais are actually Thai dragon and cayenne hybrids. They're very tasty I love them

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I was just at a thai friends house. Pepper plants for days.

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It's like Christmas!