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So, are you just playing all this by ear so to say?

Do you plant compatible and friendly varieties next to each other?

Do you try off extra shoots for the veggies like tomatoes so you get a better yield?

Did you just put the box in the middle of the yard because it looked good there?

I thought your soul would have been more nutrient rich. I’m surprised by how “grey” it looks. Have you done soil testing yet? I’m thinking you have a PH issue which is why some plants go banzai and others like the hops just die. I think you can use plants to offset this and the next year you can plant what you really want. You really should try the charcoal gold soil we talked about.

As for next set of video suggestions. Show the fucking birds! Even a minute of them would be interesting and would help to keep me on your channel. Also, like I said, show us how you took out the shovel and tilled some dirt over. Before, during and after are always fun videos to watch.

Lol, you still know more than I do. I’m just being my normal helpful ass self :-)


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Some of this is experimentation, and some of it is stuff I just know through previous growing experience.

I don't use too many companion plants, because I mostly think it's a meme. There are plants that grow well together and benefits each other (like my marigolds, basil, and tomatoes), but people have this idea that it will give their plants super powers or make them taste better. That's just wrong.

I did prune my tomatoes this year, but not very well. I've mostly given up on them because there is something funky going on with them due to our weird weather. Yield has actually been pretty awful.

The raised bed was put in the middle of the yard a few years back, and that's just where it ended up. My step dad helped me put it in, and he was convinced it needed to be parallel to the patio.

Now my soil is a whole different animal. If you're referring to the carrot bed in the video, that was turned sod this year. So it will take a while to darken (I'm always adding more compost). The patch of soil with my kale babies actually looks pretty damn good.

And you're right. Next sod I turn, I'll do a video tutorial. Something like that will require some basic editing software though. And I'll try to get some bird footage.

Way to stay on my ass.


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I’ve seen video cut on a IPhone. It wasn’t Adobe Premeir level but it can be done on a phone. Just throwing a title and ending on helps too! For what I was thinking - take some video stop and start again it’s not hard to do with free software. It’s just drag and drop.

As for companion plants. From what I was looking up years ago,it’s all about what nutrients certain plants take out and give back. Crop rotation is the same idea. Over taxing soil with the same veggies will eventually ruin the soil for that plant group. Companion plants can help with bug infestation too. So you are right about the plant doesn’t necessarily help the other plant directly but indirectly it seems to.

Step dads, father-in-laws and dads ... yeah. I’ve had more than project get directed by one ... oh well. They meant well!

Experiment with charcoal ;-) apparently soil also needs carbon. I used to blend in paper, card board and what not that would decompose. You did say you have a compost pile didn’t you? You could do a video on that too! Every 5 days seems to be a sweet spot for videos. But once a week on the same day is good too I think. I’ve spent some time studying popular YouTube channels. Most of the “influencers” I hate but they do eventually give up their methods since they run out of “free” content.


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https://invidio.us/watch?v=u_8521E88JY :

My personal garden - August 18th walkthrough. The "after" video. - YouTube

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