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It was my experience that they just die after they go to seed.

People often don't bother growing potatoes because they don't think there is much of a difference. Trust me - there is a HUGE difference taste-wise. Well worth planting your own. We had so many meals of just potatoes and green beans from the garden, I miss that.

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I know it's not a lot but it wasn't bad for the price of the seed potatoes.

Every year around this time the tops of my potato plants start to die. This year the soil was super fluffy and well draining. I was watering maybe once a week moderately, because my understanding was they don't need that much water.

Are my tops dying just because that's what they do at the peak of summer, or do I need to water more, or less? Or something else? They looked super healthy just 2 weeks ago. Fairly quickly yellowed and dried out then the tops fully died. Good looking potatoes though.

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Potatoes tend to not like heat. So they'll die back in summer and normally pop back up to say "Hi" in the fall as well. I harvest after they die in spring.

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Good lord that top one's a monster. I've never tried doing potatoes so I can't help with your questions, but if you've got a tater that huge I think you're doing something right.

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They all actually are way smaller than they look in the picture. I didn't even get any remotely close to as big as the ones you buy in the store.

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I heard that it was good to grow potatoes using old tires as planters. I don't think I could ever eat something that grew in a tire though. Too many chemicals.

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Yep fuck that. I definitely want to try a maybe 2x2' mini graden bed where I can stack some kind of containment up as the potato plants grow and maybe get 5 foot deep beds full of potatoes.

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What method did you use to keep insects at bay?

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Earwigs were trying to eat the young potato plants to death, used diatomaceous earth on the leaves and around the base to kill them.