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It's a shame you're not after actual weed seeds. I've got all kinds from pure indicas like hindu kush to pure sativas like malawi and panama with tons of hybrids that fill the spectrum between the two extremes.

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Legality of transport is the issue. Should you be in Colorado though, that's an entirely different matter. I've been looking for viable seed to grow outside.

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A lady at the local post office told me that if a package is under 2.5cm thick and weighs less than 50g it skips the customs check as it gets classed as a document and not a package. They typically have to inspect the contents and write paper only on it BUT interestingly there's prepaid options for documents, some of which are overnight delivery to places like the USA, that do not require ID to purchase. You just sign whatever name you want as your declaration that the contents are only documents, drop it in any post office box you want and away it goes bypassing all the normal checks that get conducted on things entering and leaving the country.

The real trick then is packaging the seeds in a way that doesn't allow them to get crushed. My favourite method is using this type of plastic folder as the coloured edge bit that slides on has quite a large cavity in it. You just cut out a baggy sized hole in around a dozen or so bits of paper, push all the seeds to the side, hide the baggies with a few whole sheets of paper and slide the edge over it all to lock it all in place. It looks and feels like a normal document and passes through customs without being checked as a result.


If you're ever going to import seeds or even just be a naughty lad and commit the federal crime of having them sent within your borders keep what I've said in mind and request the seeds be packaged that way. I've sent and received seeds worldwide, never lost a single package and live in Australia which should give you an idea of the level of scrutiny customs gives the mail here. If I can do it safely so can you but remember under 2.5cm thick, under 50g in weight and use a prepaid job where a false declaration is possible.

FWIW Ace seeds will package seeds in a similar manner if requested and have the best stuff I've ever tried. I'm particularly fond of their Malawi and Zamaldelica.

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The worst that happens is you get a letter saying your seeds have been seized. There's a loophole. Cannabis seeds are sold as "souvenirs" legally in some states and aren't illegal in most places until they are germinated. @475677 Holler at me.

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I don't have any purple drank or gold plated 30" rim plants for you, sorry.

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Ive googled this but maybe you have some specifics know how. On saving seeds. HOW??? do you pick them and dry them at a certain time? A certain way?

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Really depends on the plant. If in doubt, search for 'saving whatever seeds'.

I generally harvest seeds and let them dry out on a bookshelf in open zip lock bags for a few days. For veggies/fruit, I'll scrub them well in a strainer and dry them for a week or more on paper towels. For flowers or herbs, I usually put a draw string mesh bag over the seed head when the seeds begin to form, and collect them when they drop naturally. Others are just a matter of checking them every few days.

Feal free to ask if you have something specific in mind.

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So you only do this with heirloom plants though right? Otherwise the seeds won't grow anything?