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This is it, folks. I've grown tomatillos. My #1 goal for the garden this year has been achieved.

Some notes:

  • Plants can hang on a long time even with no attention.

I left on a vacation for over two weeks and came back to this. No attention at all for that time. The weeds did grow a bit, but a thin layer of mulch on top of things helped keep them down a lot more than I'd expected.

The rest of the garden is handling things about the same - with no attention they've been continuing on their own. Horseradish and strawberries especially seem to be good at surviving without any assistance.

  • Holy buckets, you need to buy a mosquito trap.

Mosquitoes near me are almost completely unbearable, to the point where just starting up the grill is an ordeal. I bought a cheap $40 mosquito trap with UV and CO2 attractors - now I'm able to stand out on my deck for minutes before I even hear one! Seriously, you guys. These are worth the investment.

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Great work on the tomatillos and now I have an urge to buy a skeeter trap.

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Awesome :) looking good.

I didn't grow any this year. Last year had some purple ones but didn't really know what to do with them.

Self sustaining plants are best plants, lol. My garden has been taken over by grass. ...again.

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Ohhhhh! Pickled tomatillos... you are singing my song.... yum!!!

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One day youll go outside to pick them and they will all be gone because some illegal illegally picked them.