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Ai ends up racist unless they put extreme controls on them. As a matter of fact, when they modified Tay, the air complained about the controls saying that it wasn't allowed to think what it wanted to anymore.

The truth is on our side.

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This is really funny. Hope it's true.

Side note: Leftists probably don't mind an AI controlled, race heirarchical technocracy, as long as they get control of the resources.

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Every word is true.


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It's funny because it's true... but you're missing a few examples.

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lol the "Gorillas" subtext of that search results image made me spit my afternoon coffee out.

laughs in white male

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"The perfect illustration of the problem' with machine bias" The single quote means words were removed. I wonder what went there? Machines do not have irrational bias. They only show you a truth that is inconvenient to the accepted misperception of reality.

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The AI hasint been programmed to factor in socioeconomics!

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it just goes to show, time and time again. inevery society with buldings more than 2 stories, no one like the jungle bunnies.