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I keep hearing that word "norms." Must be another leftist buzzword.


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Norms of reality means people don't notice you Jews


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https://archive.fo/FC6hA :

David Brooks: How Do We Rebuild Norms Of Reality After Watching Past Two Years In "Shocked Horror?" | Video | RealClearPolitics

'Brooks asked. '

'And then I think we build for — rebuild for the long term, which is, how do we rebuild norms of morality?'

'"I just think we watch with — as we have been for two and three years, with sort of shocked horror. '

'"I mean, it should be said we probably have the best economy of our lifetimes maybe right now," Brooks said Friday on PBS NewsHour. '

'How do we build norms of behavior, so that we can have a functioning civil government in the future?"'

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