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Shes taking Testosterone. No doubt about it

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Black niggras have the highest percentage of natural testosterone of all the races

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Black men like white women because black women look like black men.

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Including the women

[–] satisfyinghump 1 points 0 points (+1|-1) ago 

That's not true actually. A new report was recently published on how they have highest estrogen.

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Even if that was a man I'd suspect they were on the sauce.

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Did she really wear a leopard print leotard to a wedding?! Is there nothing that monkey is good at.

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Goddamn thats one ugly pack of chimps.

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Its a man... and this man is also taking extra test. This is a man in a dress playing tennis.

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I told my wife I was tired of seeing this beast promoted everywhere and then several hours later this shit happens. This picture is basically the foil to what the ad agencies are promoting as “marketable.” GTFO here with the obvious pandering and bring back Maria Sharipova

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Or Anna Kournikova. She was shit at tennis, but does anybody watching women's tennis actually give a shit about the quality? They would all lose to the top 500 men.

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She has really gotten a whole lot uglier in the last couple of years. It's amazing orcs are able to procreate, maybe only in complete darkness.

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Imagine her pasty homosextual husband trying to fuck it. Her clit is probably larger than his dick.

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Taking steroids over years make women's faces look espcecially ridiculous, they have humongous clown noses and chins.

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Ok. Wow. Gross. Fuck you for sharing.

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This is what happens when you meme actual orcs into existence.

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There's always some unthought of side effect to meme magic.

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Niggers are disgusting creatures and should not be allowed to live among the humans

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You mean you don't find this roided up ape attractive!?

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Is that thing wearing fishnets on a tennis court?

Tennis used to be a sport for the upper classes.

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It's like the predators fishnets


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Holy cow, small world!!! I was thinking the same thing!!! I was waiting her mouth the split sideways when she was yelling her battlecry!!!

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Oy vey! I took another look, and you are right! It is!

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The cheating roided ape's mongrel kid. That monkey is a fraud, with even worse sportsmanship, and an ego the size of the moon.

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Disgusting. Looks nothing like her

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