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Oh that poor man. I was never a big fan of his work, but I'll pity anyone with a child like that.

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The mom is literally the only one with any shred of happiness in the recent photos. You can see the son is dead inside, fake smiles with a suicidal tone. The pic from 6 years ago the kid isn't dead inside, he has some happiness in his face even if he is bored. I'm betting Colin is trying to keep his Son alive. But his Son is going to commit suicide at this rate, likely in the next few years.

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Like I said, the mom is getting pats on the back for her "bravery", that's why she's the happiest. That kid will off himself soon once he starts taking hormones and slicing body parts off.

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Warning, @shadow332 is a retarded shill. He posts too much not to be paid to post. Literally posts all day everyday.



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That was depressing. What the hell went wrong here?

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I'm assuming the dad raped the son a whole bunch when he was little.

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For centuries the jews were isolated into small tribes where they inbred, and also did some inbreeding in an attempt to raise their collective iq. It resulted in a variety of genetic defects and illnesses.

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I thought the guy was a faggot. All his skits are ambiguously gay. He reaps what he sows. I will celebrate if his son offs himself.

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I never watched the show. Maybe some of his show biz pals fucked that kid?

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Its that superior ashkenazi dna, goy. You're just jealous that you could never get a beautiful jewish woman(?) like her.

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Jesus Christ, at least get some surgery to make yourself look a little female, you freak.

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