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Every time I see Paris, I feel compelled to post this in case someone hasn't seen it yet.

They sat in their clubs, in their drawing rooms and their libraries, and they zipped their wine. And they observed what was happening around them in Haiti as the blacks were declared equals and brothers. And they discussed the situation, but they couldn't quite bring themselves to do anything about it, before the massacres started. And then it was too late. And so ALL of the Frenchmen, and their women, and their children, were slaughtered. Some of them in ways to horrible to describe on this program.

Present day France and especially Paris is like a precursor to what happened on Haiti.

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I LOVE William Luther Pierce, truly a hero and fighter for Europeans. Fucking kikes had to hit him with their CIA gun.

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This is what 'liberty, fraternity and equality' leads to.

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I can't fathom this, everyone knows these street vendors pay zero tax and collect welfare. Hello police, Politian's and even the foolish socialist paradise wanting voter. France you are fucked

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Paris peaked in 1940.

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Also there wine is no long the best, California now produces the best tasting wine.

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This was such a wonderful enrichment to the white, French people, but I'm not sure why there aren't any of them there enjoying the wonderful enrichment.

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Where did they steal all that corn and eggplants from?

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Uh, are they just sitting around with bushels of eggplants and shopping carts of corn? Wtf is going on there?

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Nigger markets.

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They're recreating the shit hole they came from, don't know about were your from but Selling shit on a footpath is basically illegal.

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Yeah, but where are they getting the food from? It's not like they farm. Are they selling their gubmint gibs for dat bling?

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