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As a Jew, this is nothing wrong.

Racist must not exist.

So we Jews should open border for Israel to show the world how it should be done.

We Jews always superior to others and lead by example.

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Very convincing point of view fellow jew. I see we are both in accordance with the general populace.

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If this weren't disingenuous bull shit it'd be a database of everyone in the world. Everyone naturally prefers their own.

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They don't want competition.

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jews jewing jews

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I am racist, and no one will know until i'm an old retired man who has rebuilt western civilization in his own image. Every one, do your part to take down these yids.

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fucking kikes, the wheel is turning, if you are jewish the world should know.

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But Jews live in a country reserved for them exclusively don't they?

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WHY should the entire world know? Why can't we just make a general statement that racism exists and then make it illegal to investigate the details.