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The fact that this would trigger so many ledditors into crying if they saw this "omg what a horrible world we live in, how are people allowed to have free speech! fucking hate crime!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" makes me so happy.

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Triggering redditors isn't some high bar of achievement. It's actually done quite easily. Their are much more productive things to strive towards and put your mind to. It's akin to giggling like a child for saying a 'naughty' word.

You have free speech. Put it to as best use as you possibly can. "lol, I'm triggering others" isn't it.

Be humbled that you posses it, then start acting like that's actually the case, so that western civilization may be saved.

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Everyone driving political hysteria is jewish.

I can't figure out how they fucked up so badly they thought they'd get away this time.

Now they have the Muslims and an ever increasing amount of whites and blacks that hate them pretty bad. The people on their side are the elitists that everyone is supposed to turn on instead of them. Strategically fucked, was the concentration of money into fewer and fewer hands making that elitist club smaller than most people imagine. Their corporate cronies and politicians will just be the appetizers.

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They could just stop the kikery.

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They can't. If they could they would have slowed it down with rise of criticism from the alt-right. They would have done a little introspection and tried to mitigate the crisis. This is going to be for all the marbles.....again.

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V/jokes is that way ---->

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Whats the lesson here? Never work with the juden.

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The lesson is that expulsion doesn't work- they just keep coming back.

We need a final solution.

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@kevdude 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 savage, bro!

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Down to the last frozen embryo in a laboratory freezer.

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There already is an anti-semitic insurgency. They're done.

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Even normies are starting to notice why jews are hated.

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I think Trump is necessary medicine for the US. Not a perfect person, but the BEST we can muster for OUR best interests. If this doesn't coincide with the US Jewish OFFICIAL agenda (such a thing?), then I accuse them of being anti USA traitors. However I suspect there are EVIL (REALLY EVIL) Jews (John 8:44) and there are good and decent Jews (that don't say anything I guess?).

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Welcome to German life, we've lived under jewish control for 74 years.

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So has the rest of the world, we fought for the wrong side :(

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Jews against jews.

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