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I cannot remember a time that kikes were not freaking out about something, as a weapon against us.


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why because its the jews themselves that are behind it all?


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The Jew cries out as he strikes...


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China, too. Lotta resources in that land the ANC wants to steal.
Blacks won't get that land, China will.


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Blacks are very dumb. They got rid of their white masters for new yellow ones.


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and china and israel ave many secret deals


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Good, they should be freaking out. Our patience has reached its limits and I don't give a damn about Jewish feelings.


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“We must secure the existence of our people and a future for ______ children”.

To oppose this rational is to oppose diversity.

Of course, all sentient beings wish to have the ability to exist, & for their descendants to continue to exist. To take issue with this law of nature is probably evidence of madness, and possibly of genocidal intention.

Weak people should thank strong people for what they have. Claiming otherwise is an attempt to get a society to implode. If strong people were the enemy of weak, the weak would be eliminated.

Convincing people to embrace poison.. to turn away from strength, health, reason, etc., is an act of sabotage.

Taking issue the way that is described here is malicious.


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They should freak out. They've made enemies of everyone.

They declared war on us. Just like last time. We only have to sit back and let the sandniggers have at them this time.


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I thought they wanted a black versus white race war.


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Nah, they know they'd just end up with a bunch of dead niggers.

The jew is cunning. They'd rather hijack every form of media in order to push whites into self hatred, degeneracy, miscegenation, you name it. They utilize our altruism as a weapon against us through pity for refugees, in order to pour more and more third world trash into our societies and only our societies to replace whites. Then at the same they push the idea in the news outlets that whites have too many children, and should stop having them. Jews push white on black sex as hard as they can to pollute our gene pool. One sick goal they seem to have, is to have us bred out of power in our own lands, for the non-whites will out-breed us.

I could go on and on.. it's sad.


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The Tarzan and Jane analogy was a shitty analogy. The apes in Tarzan were Tarzan's family and they were very nice. They were arguably more "human" in their culture than the average black South African.

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