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I had to look up Richard Krege, I thought the guy was dead


His scientific evidence is debunked by photographs according to the link. His scientific evidence is also deemed as false because of claims that the grounds kept being dug up. Krege's results show that the ground was never disturbed by a human.

Sounds like (((they))) want to keep this guys books unpublished and buried.


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Your link reminds of a link some other user presented to me here when trying to convince me that the official narrative for Auschwitz is correct. In the two replies I made to his comment I tried to go through the individual points within the article and show why they are not solid enough to be used to debunk the revisionist claims.

In your article the only two claims they have against Krege's results are 40s photographs and claims from Jews. I've seen enough doctored photographs from the 40s and I've heard enough Jews lie through their teeth about the Holocaust (while other Jews from the same camps directly contradicted the) to not be willing to accept either claims or photographs as solid evidence for anything concerning that time period. They can be considered and discussed, but I won't accept them as proof.

Your article also says that a newer use of GPR technology found different results than Krege -- but this study was never published, while Krege's study was (though at a holocaust denial group, and not anything large or formal -- as if anything large or formal would publish it even if it was accurate).

In short your article is meaningless and the only evidence I'm interested in seeing is the raw data Krege gathered and the raw data the team in 2010 gathered.


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Stellar work in that link bud.

If I knew you IRL I'd offer to buy you a pint.


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I'm not saying either side is correct. They both have a story and neither is willing to provide any proof. One side used a machine to check the ground and says it was never touched. The other side used the same type of machine and says there may have been a grave over there. But look at these pictures we have which make it true.

Where is the machine data? That will show us that the ground is littered with bones like they say.

I'm not going to argue who is correct, because both are wrong by withholding their findings.

For some reason I thought the guy was killed after his study, so I looked him up. came across a couple articles the post is talking about, which are all pretty much the same.


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Faceberg's first JDL "fake news ban" right here . . .


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Could someone link his findings?

After reading this article posted by @Mr_Wolf, I do find it rather hard to believe that Richard Krege's research is conclusive. I would like to see the research for myself. Playing devil's advocate, how can we know that Krege's research is conclusive? It may not have been a death camp, but if people thought it was and were digging around for dat jew gold, then wouldn't Krege's GPR have detected as instead of seeing absolutely nothing?


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Oh, dear fucking god is that page cringeworthy.

Why would they dig around for Jew gold, exactly? Wouldn't those doing the killing look for gold fillings/trinkets that might be worth something before doing the deed?

Want numbers?


900,000 claimed dead, buried, dug up, and cremated, and reburied.

https://imgoat.com/uploads/9ca14e7ea6/35089.jpg Roughly 10 of these 18-acre stadiums with ~90k capacity

“a number of buried pits” that are “considerable in size, and very deep, one in particular is 26 by 17 meters [85 by 58 feet].”

85x58 = 4,930sq ft

Now, this is supposed to be the "one in particular" meaning biggest, IMO.

18 acres is 784,080 sq ft. Surely there must be more?

“Another five pits of varying sizes and also at least this deep” are located near the large pit. “Given their size and location, there is a strong case for arguing that they represent burial areas.”

But not as big as the first, yes? Let's just give them the biggest pit's dimensions: 6 pits = 29,580 sq ft

But then you'll say, "but the seating capacity isn't all that takes up that room! Ok, let's halve the 18 acres - 392,040 sq ft. Still not enough? 196,020 sq ft. More? 98,010 sq ft.

Think 90,000 people can fit in 1.125 acres? Ok 49,005 sq ft. "BUT MUH ANTI SEMITISM!" Fine, .5625 acres, JUST FOR YOU, SCHLOMO!

24,502.5 sq feet. WE MADE IT! on ~3% of the stadium's sq ft.


245,025 sq ft.


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Thanks for this! Not sure if you thought I was insulting you by asking questions. I simply wanted a better understanding of why it could be possible/impossible. Again, thanks for the numbers!

Just to be clear for anyone else who might see this.

Generously assuming that all the pits were the size of the largest "found" pit (26 by 17 meters [85 by 58 feet]), there would be a maximum of 85*58*(6 total pits) = 29,580 sq ft.

i.e. the total area of the pits would, at most, be 29,580 sq. ft.

It is said that 900,000 jews were buried in these 6 mass graves (900k jews put into 29,580 sq. ft.)

This is not possible. The LA Coliseum can fit 90k people. We would need 10 to get to 900k people. One coliseum is 18 acres in area (784,080 sq ft.). If we assumed that the field itself takes up 80% of the stadium (it doesn't) then we would have 90k people per every 784,080*.2 = 156,816 sq. ft.

This means, in order to fit 900k people in a given area, we would need roughly 1,568,160 sq. ft. of area. Which is ~5301% greater area than the most generous estimates of grave size (29,580 sq. ft.)

Going further

let me know if my calculations are wrong

It is purported that the largest grave had a depth of 6 meters (20 ft). Let's rework the calculations going by volume and not area. The total and most generous volume of the mass graves would be 85*58*(6 total pits)*(20 feet deep) = 591,600 ft3.

The max volume of these graves sites would be 591,600 ft3

The cubic volume of a human weighing roughly 154 lbs (70 kg) is about 2.47 ft3 . Let's assume that all the jews were actually half that weight, so about 1.235 ft3.

Each jew would (lower estimate) take up about 1.235 ft3

900,000*1.235 = 1,111,500 ft3. Note: This is the estimate if each body was completely compressed against the others, meaning no space would be left in between each body (not going to happen--the actual volume 900k bodies at ~77 lbs each would consume would liekly be greater than 1,111,500).

The total volume the jews bodies would consume would be 1,111,500 ft3 This is almost twice the volume of the most generous grave volume estimate. i.e. it would be physically impossible to put that many jews into the proposed graves.


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Oh, let's not forget that the lying cunt that supposedly did the study in 2010 with the blessing of the holocaust faggots...

As of this date (2014) Colls has not published a formal study on her work at Treblinka.

I bet not.


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Right at the bottom of the article

In 2001, Krege’s findings were presented in an article in the Journal of Historical Review, published by the Institute for Historical Review, an American Holocaust denial organization.[12] Krege announced at that time that his findings were to be published in book form but as of 2014, other than a lone and unsubstantiated computer image on the Internet showing undisturbed ground which Krege claims is representative of his findings at Treblinka,[13] there have been no further articles or books on the matter. Not even Carlo Mattogno, an Italian Holocaust denier, who funded Krege’s research and accompanied him to the site, has been willing to publicly endorse Krege’s spurious findings in the intervening years

Historical review 12

His findings aren't available, and the only people arguing against him are professionals with pictures. Seems like one of those moments where they get told to shut up or else.

The ground is supposed to be riddled with bones and what not but there's nothing there. The professionals should have been able to show up and show us that there's bones everywhere.


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I read that part, wasn't sure if there was possibly any bits of his findings out there. Thanks for the response!


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Treblinka operation 15 months, 900k deaths.

15 months = 10,800hrs. So 900k/10.8k = 84 executions every 60 minutes, around the clock, without rest, including constant crematorium operation and burial activity... for 15 months. Assuming the "chambers" suitably housed 84 people at a time. If they were even smaller than this, no delay could be afforded at all because they did not have the capacity to gas or cremate hundreds at a time to catch up on a week of missed work. That's 84 bodies to drag from the "chambers" and somehow get them into the ovens or to burial pits. Seems like perhaps the most inefficient way to kill humans en masse, but makes for a great James Bond villain story.