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I can't fucking wait to try this.


[–] Tb0n3 26 points -25 points (+1|-26) ago 

You'll get a tepid response on the first part because it's not unusual. The second part will likely elicit disgust because Trump is already a moron, and you'll be outing yourself as an even greater moron.


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Trump is a moron, which is why we're building a wall and deporting 1 million Mexicans, and getting the Federal gov out of k-12 schools....

oh and that all happened today.

you are paying attention, right?

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Fucking shitlib tears go great on chicken salad. Thanks.

Also, hey @valk2, remember the guy that said Veterans deserve to get shot by insane shitlibs? Lmao


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If he's a moron, what are his opponents? He's beating the shit out of everyone.

Are they only pretending to be retarded? If so, when do they stop the ruse and spring their fait accompli?