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Trump was fucking having none of their shit I loved it

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He treated the mouthy CNN reporter like an ornery, disobedient child. 2017 is going to be even better than '16.

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Trump has the balls to say fuck you without really saying it. I like that.

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"Don't be rude."

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Is anyone really surprised? Eating dogfood and candy flavored Oreos isn't driving their profits like it once was. Now, after making themselves a joke, they're trying to play reporter. Anyone with half a brain isn't taking them seriously.

I liked how Buzzfeed complained that they didn't get access to Trump during the campaign. When they tried to enter his rallies he had security in place that led them inside, around the arena and right out the back door.

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That's great. It's not enough to simplify prove people wrong these days, one must troll to send the message.

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Why is it always hold my beer? If someone would have told me Trump was never going to be president while I was drinking a beer, I would have slammed that shit down and told them "watch this".

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Because whenever someone says "hold my beer, dude, imma do a triple backflip off this roof" nothing positive comes after that (some people might be laughing)

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Hold my PCP pipe. I think that accurately encapsulates the sheer insanity of their self destructive stupidity.

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Did they do something especially stupid today?

I always thought of Buzzfeed as a terrible clickbait aggregator with little in the way of research, editing or backbone, so there isn't much room for them to sink even lower in my eyes.

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They published a 35-page PDF of an "official intelligence report" talking about how Trump likes to get peed on by prostitutes and was cultivated as a Russian agent through blackmail about his pee fetish.

The "official intelligence report" was written by a 4chan troll, and fed to gullible #nevertrumpers and Clintonites as a "leak".

This timeline is literally run by /pol/ now.

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Oh man are you out of the loop? I envy you, i would love if every day i could forget this so i can hear it again.

Basicly, /pol/acks created a bunch of trump fake news, they wrote emails and some stupid anti-trump faggot took the bait and gave it to CIA and different news organisations in hope someone publishes it. They were reluctant at first because nobody could verify it but CIA idiots put it in their 35 page briefing. 4chan just outplayed CIA and Trump's enemies.

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I have seen those submissions on the frontpage, but I hadn't known that it was Buzzfeed who had acted as invasion vector for 4chan's fake report. Thanks for filling me in mate.

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That's golden

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NIgga don't blot out who said it, I'd follow him, that's delightful. :D

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And a thank you to the HNIC! :D

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rollingstoned and buttfeed.

Not a brain or a fact checker between them.