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Very comprehensive! I keep a journal too. I don't have too complicated of a system, though. Here's how it is:

I have a text file for each year, with bolded headings for each month. I have a key-combination configured to copy the system time into my clipboard, so when I want to start writing, I just paste and well, start writing. When I'm done, I add hashtags at the end of the entry, making my whole journal in one place and easily Ctrl-F'able.

And I'm a noob programmer myself! I'd be interested in helping you with LifeNotes if and when you get around to it. I know very rudimentary C++ and SQL, and am currently learning rudimentary Python, bash and cryptography (it all sounds better than it is).


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I've been thinking about learning Python, myself. It takes a lot of time indexing all of my 'notes' at the end of the week because I have to manually index all of the tags I used. When you know how programming works, though, you'd clearly know that a dedicated software could do that automatically, which has been on my mind for a few months now.

I looked around for software capable of these requirements, but found that the closest would be RedNotebook. Unfortunately, it was built as a daily dairy software which doesn't accommodate multiple entries per day well.

I've had a few ideas for what the dedicated program would feature, so here is a quick list:

  • Extensive indexing: indexing capabilities catering to both the average user to the dedicated, hardcore indexer.

  • Markdown syntax (or similar): for easy formatting and compatibility.

  • Future-proof files: all notes are stored in plain text with a home config for each 'notebook' so that programs in the future could read off of it.

  • Some sort of API for plugins: an extendable program is great for additional features.

These are only ideas for now, but, some day, I think it can happen.


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I use an actual notebook, but the way I organize my entries, index, date and tag them is quite similar. I also include a lot of meteorological information. :^) Thanks for this incredibly interesting post!