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Great classic! Reminds me of my Dad getting drunk and telling jokes at my sister's wedding 40 years ago. This was one of them. The man could tell them for hours and not tell the same one twice. He's the reason I did stand up for a while. He would have turned 91 yesterday. Tell one more, old man...just one more.

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Knew a great grandgpa who, along with extended family, was yearly guest at resort I worked. His only wife died when she was 75, so started dating a 50yo. When he turned 85, got a new one, 55. The owner gave him crap, saying "Norm, you must be glad they invented Viagra." He said, "Hell no, don't need it, can't calm him down. Every morning when I take a shower there's 'ole one-eye' staring up at me." True or not, was funny in that phrased so kids on porch didn't understand, and that my my boss was embarrassed/sorry he opened his mouth.

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