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For people with strong stomachs go find out what "portapotties" are. (TLDR Instagram "models" who get paid by saudis to get shat on) Seriously WTF!

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Never understood what people get out of that sort of stuff. Humiliation and feeling powerful I guess?

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I don't want to go into detail, but Ive asked myself that same question for 20 odd years, WHY?. and all Ive come up with is some people are just cunts. I like your username and I concur. But with the Saudis I think its a case of "what do you get the man who has everything" (because he's agreed to fix the price and force the scarcity of the black wet stuff under his house) decadence is a sickness.

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I was wondering what these Saudi Arabia jokes were about.

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American Dad - Saudi Arabia, the worst place in the world.

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The King wears a hijab in private