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This is a joke, but deaf culture is literally bat shit insane. I dated a girl who was the only non deaf person in her family. Her deaf dad would literally scream in her ears "why aren't you deaf!" It's like a highschool clique of douchebags all gossiping and thinking far too highly of themselves.

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They also HATE deaf people who get cochlear implants and begin to hear.

Truly a bucket of crabs.

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Ive actually heard of this or something similar IRL.

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Deaf culture is very similar to "trans" culture.

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I can only assume lol. The guy was such a pussy he had to stand behind the door so I couldn't see him signing as he told his daughter he wanted me out of the house because her and I would smoke cigs and weed in the backyard.

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He was upset to have a healthy daughter? Why be so jealous?

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They have an intense inferiority complex. They have convinced themselves that they are actually better people for having their defect. It's funny cause she told me that when they have their little conventions it's impossible to keep a secret because everyone can see what you are signing. So shit spreads fast and causes untold amount of drama. Her dad was also half nigger and irish. Most hideous fuck I've ever seen. Pale with typical nigger facial and body structure and then red hair. Just kind of proved to me that race mixing inevitably leads to birth defects.

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I can see how a blind guy might not find that amusing.

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Yup. Probably wouldn't see the humor in it.

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Look, if you are going so far as making jokes about minorities, try to at least see things form their perspective.

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I was accused of having a "dark" sense of humor when in my early 20s. Then had a black room mate, a bro-in-law with red/green color blindness. Took a job doing electronics on power-wheelchairs for severely disabled. All those folks had such politically incorrect jokes about their own kind, no way would fly on YouTube today.

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I see what you did there said the blind man.

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As he picked up the hammer and saw.

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my dad used to piss me off all the time with that joke now I say it myself

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