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All jokes aside I had a shattered wrist and a bunch of torn ligaments. Went to the hospital with my mom and brother on my brothers birthday to ask for some T3s. fucking TYLENOL. And the nurse was a fucking bitch, told me I didn't need drugs (FUCKING TYLENOL) and turned her back on me like I was some kind of fiend and ignored me until I left the room on my own accord.. I make more money than she does, I don't need tylenols to get high. Pisses me right off, on one hand they're the ones causing this epidemic, and on the other hand won't give people that actually need a painkiller a pill.

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Correct me if I'm wrong, but I am imagining a black nurse.

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She was white... unfortunately white people are fucking trash too bud. The difference is I'll walk out if it's a black nurse, but when it comes to whites I still get shitty service, harassed in public, have to listen to nigger music blaring from their phones or vehicles.