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so you're swapping the tobacco habit for a pot habit?

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No, think just getting glazed and baked. Like good stoneware.

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Underrated comment.

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I took up masturbation... oddly enough, I made an ashtray too.

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@russianbots I recently have found one of the best things to keep your hands and mind very busy.

Lockpicking is insanely relaxing and rewarding. The feeling if successfully SPPing a lock is great, major dopamine rush.

Check out : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DgwTfTbXmBc You can also check out BosnianBill. Either way, its really cheap to get into and very rewarding

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I tried that, too! I was up to about 20 ashtrays a day.

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But in a twist of narrative reliability, the smoker just saw the objects through his habit of treating any concave surface as an ash receptacle.

The project was really a spoon rest.

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I'd like to make a dope ass inside-out downdraft gasifier stove or some shit. With ceramics wood stoves could be crafted with more features easily.

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Yeah, went to pottery class when kicking narcotics. Fuckers had me make a figurine of Helen of Troy, a Greek heroine.

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Better than a smoking ashtray I suppose.

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