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Incorrect, this miss step only proves the leftists and jews are shitting bricks... because they have nothing criminal and no evidence against the god emperor.

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god emperor

That was campaign talk, unless you are stupid, and then my apologies to your parents.

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Incorrect, the campaign hasn't ended. You used the word 'was' instead of 'is'. Snopes and Politifact find your statement to be false. No apologies needed for your parents, they should be publicaly shamed and so should you.

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You're an idiot.

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Him eating tacos at the white house all day long is how the whole "mexico gunna pay 4 it" gets realized.

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Lol I forgot that Mexico was gonna pay for it. Taco shits will help fund this!

I’m sure the Mexicans will get right on saving for payment once their people stop fleeing to our country to pick strawberries and do landscaping.

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No the mexican workers paid some tax, and it was used to produce the tacos supplied to the WH. So any shitbricks made from the tacos are already pre-funded by cactus niggers.

Also, the wall will be effective, since no one will be willing to climb over a wall made from trump taco shit.

It will also have solar panels stuck to it while the poo is still a bit fresh. Free energy for that communist latina future president of US who i would bang with a condom despite the horse teeth because i like horse teeth smiles.