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Actually it started as a JP Morgan insurance scam to get money from the damaged Olympic, they dressed her up as the new unreleased Titanic, They told the captain, that the ship the California, would be close enough to rescue everyone, but the wrong color flares were loaded, sending a “stay away” signal to the rescue ship, perhaps this was on purpose, and like 9/11, the perps made sure their enemies would be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

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Your both right. These fucker always kill 2 bird with one stone 3 if they can get away with it. Theyre greedy, thats why they pay their bribes through charities, why would they use theyre own money when they can use yours.

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Well, I guess it's possible all the opponents of the Federal Reserve were all on the ship at the same time when it unexpectedly sank....

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You're going to have to explain this on. The Olympic was the second titanic, and it was used as a medical vessel in world war 1. This was confirmed when a team brought up steal from the sunken ship, confirming that it was in fact the Titanic that sunk, and not it's sister ship.

There was also a third ship, that apparently struck an ocean mine and sunk.

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Hang on a moment. Stay away flares? Surely they can tell what kind they are before they fire the flare gun right?

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it wasn't the titanic the sunk either, it was her sister the Olympic. All for insurance fraud

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Wait wait wait. The ship DID hit an iceberg. People saw the fucking thing. How did anyone engineer a massive iceberg in to the path of a ship steaming along at full speed?

I mean, I don’t doubt there were opponents of the FRB on board, and I don’t doubt TPTB took advantage of their deaths. But c’mon. We need more details on the execution of the conspiracy.

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Of course, it absolutely hit an iceberg.

Check it out.

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There was also a 24/7 fire in one of the compartments that was never put out.

All the coal workers quit before the maiden voyage (despite England being in a massive labor despute/ recession).

There were so many wtf things regarding the Titanic that once you read up on it the official narrative doesn't work

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Except the Titanic really WAS sunk by Jews.

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Let us beat the speed record for the prestige and the shekels!!

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To be fair they probably set several records.

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lol’d hard

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