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Wow, that's really shitty. I'm sorry to hear about those people. (Don't worry, I won't remove it).


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Damn that sucks. I hate to hear companies doing this to their workers. A successful boycott would hurt Petsmart in the pocketbook. What about those employees who would lose their jobs when the tier 1 stores are simply closed down?

I rarely go to petsmart. Last time was to buy something small, dog toothbrush or whatever. Thought the price seemed high so I checked Amazon. Ended up ordering from amazon on my phone while standing right there in the petsmart store.

Petsmart carries a lot of stuff and it's all overpriced compared to cut-rate internet sites. They must reinvent themselves. Like just focus on heavy items like dog food, and services like Grooming and vaccine clincs.

Unfortunately petsmart is in the same boat as Barnes & Noble, Blockbuster, and Radio Shack. They can't compete with internet retailers. And why should they even try?

If petsmart owners are smart they will know this and find a way to change and compete. If not then the employees suffering will get worse until the company goes bankrupt.


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Name: jason Email: ------------------@hotmail.com Phone Number: 1-888-839-9638 Order Number: Questions & Comments: If facts alleged in the following article prove true I will never shop in your store again. https://np.reddit.com/r/self/comments/3e4jeo/petsmarts_policies_just_changed_and_they_dont/?context=3

Dear Jason,

Thank you for emailing PetSmart regarding your concerns for this alleged employee policy. We sincerely apologize for not having access to any information regarding this policy at this time.

We strive for 100% customer satisfaction, however, and we realize that customer comments do allow us to change and improve to meet this goal. We have therefore forwarded your email to our Store Management Team.

Again, thank you for your comments regarding this product. If we can be of any additional service, please do not hesitate to ask.


Adam PetSmart Customer Care 1-888-839-9638


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Again, thank you for your comments regarding this product

That's a strange way of categorizing the problem. Was this yours? Kudos for reaching out to them!