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Was his name Joey? That genius let an infected foot become gangrenous, before we told his ass to go to a damn doctor. We've hired a few people from ITT over the years, only one of them had any iota of common sense or design skills. I'll never forget the guy who disproportionately scaled the McDonald's logo. Instead of golden arches, he had golden speed bumps. The guy we have now has decided that he won't look for another job until he drops 150 lbs. The chance of that happening is far slimmer than he will ever be. He's also trying to convince his parents not to move because he doesn't want to find his own place to live. They all want to be video game designers, though!


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Hahaha no, his name was Jeff if I remember correctly, it's been a few years and I've tried to block him out since then. Every intern we got from there was utterly terrible. Hold down shift to scale? Never heard of that before!! Key commands? Nope! Every single one of them slowly and painfully used the menu to do everything, even copy and paste. It felt like forever every time I told them to do something and they stared blankly for a few minutes, then fumbled around on the menu until I told them exactly what to do.

One girl we got used to change client provided logos because she thought they were ugly. She was wider than she was tall, and one day she randomly fell out of her chair and bounced. She also wanted to be a game designer, for some reason. They all do it seems like, though none of them have any sort of ability with logic and, as it happens, designing games is hard. I see her working at the register at the Publix near my house now, so I guess it didn't work out for her.


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"One girl we got used to change client provided logos because she thought they were ugly." Amazing.