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Is this some sort of mental issue? I know someone who will lie for NO reason at all... they're not even interesting lies to make them sound better. It's almost embarrassing how obvious the pointless lies are, I just don't get it.


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I used to have it as a kid, I think it's an insecurity thing. I grew out of it in the end but imagine you get asked a pretty mundane question and you start reaching for the answer. Then your mind literally freezes for a slit second and then continues on with an entirely fabricated answer made up as the words pour out of your mouth.

These things can get pretty bad, you realize your just lying over nothing and don't want to address it because it'll make you seem stupid for lying about something you didn't need to. You start making more lies just to cover the first lie.

Start piling on stress and insecurities and some people can't even help it. They either use it as a default defense mechanism or they can't help it. For the record though people who compulsively lie are usually the best comedians, most of the best have had issues with compulsive lying so some people have attributed the issue to a incorrect growth of the neurons which allow you to imagine stuff.


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Thank you for explaining this so clearly. One of my wife's coworkers has lied so thoroughly that she has people convinced she is a programmer, regardless of the fact that she very plainly and obviously does not know the first thing about programming.

We spent a lot of time wondering why people feel the need to lie like that- and even more time wondering how they get/stay employed with an imagined skillset...


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Wikipedia: Pathological lying

It is a mental disorder. They just can't seem to help themselves.


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That was some /v/funnysad kinda stuff.

Edit: If you post again could you put your job title or description like in number 3? I obviously don't care a lot I just thought it would be a nice sub thing to have. Thanks for posting!