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This is really something people need to understand.

You can look back at the last century to find countless examples of an important process going on (e.g. Gulf of Tonkin incident, Soviet Potemkin Villiages, Iraqi WMDs/ties to 9/11, ISIS consistently found using US money and weapons, Nazi death camps only being found where the Soviets searched concentration camps, Sweden removing race and national origin from crime statistics, etc etc etc.) - it is an extremely common tactic for groups that have large control over public information, primarily governments and mass media organizations, to hide or add information in the public narrative so that Occam's Razor will lead people to the simplest conclusion, which is incorrect. There is a constant disinformation campaign against the public, and Occam's Razor only works if you can observe accurate data.

Maybe Russia is trying to destabilize American society; tbh, I'd be surprised if every major government wasn't trying to affect every other major society almost as much as they're trying to affect their own at this point. But we need information verified independently of government and MSM sources, with evidence we can analyze ourselves, before we just accept the simplest explanations for why any specific event is happening the way it is in society.

As a side note, you can look through the posts on Joe_McCarthy's profile and see just what I've seen from his posts and arguments in comments... then judge for yourself if it is worth taking him seriously or not.


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" Muh Russian Interference " Russia is basically a third world country with nuclear weapons at this point. China has literally electronically hacked and stolen from every major alphabet agency and corporation in the United States of America, but ya know.... Putin