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There are no benefits to circumcision. It only took me one infection as a boy to learn to be vigilant in pulling the skin back every time I urinate. No infections since. Sex and masturbation are both great (no lube required for either). Doesn't take me very long to get off unless I've been drinking. Wife loves it.

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My foreskin is the most sensitive part of my penis. I'm very glad to own an entire penis. Don't disfigure you're children's genitals.

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Circumcision is mutilation. That's all you need to know to understand the matter. You don't cut healthy parts off the bodies of healthy baby boys for no physical reason ... unless you are a religious fanatic.

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circumcision somehow ended going from a cult religious practice for various percieved reasons just like it is still regarded as in the middle east to this day, to a cultural 'medical' norm with all the trappings of half truths and false research to support it.

its somehow ended up going from a jewish thing to catholic and spread around the us. Anglicans (my lot, split from the catholic church when henry viii threw a shit fit because he had already executed one wife and divorced another and the pope wouldnt let him do it again so he pulled 'divine right of kings' and told il papa to jog on.) no so much. im not cut.

meanwhile its actually genital mutiliation, just like it is when you do it to females.

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Some argue there are nerve endings in the for skin that make sex better some say it’s to easy to get an infection under the for skin that’s basically it

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Only thing I really know is you never want to have that done as an adult! My step dad (who was a great guy) had to have that done in his mid 20's in Vietnam because he kept getting some jungle infection under the foreskin. What he described as his experience was nothing short of frightening. I'm glad I'm cut. GF likes me that way as well. So....

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ya know what im a serial bachelor but in the relationships i have been in i dont remember ever talking about my father in laws cock...

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Me either.

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You've been deprived trust me. I've seen your posts, you like sex. Sex is better when your penis is intact.

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I don't think so, my cock feels and works just fine.

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I was going to edit my comment in a long thread here, but I realized somebody that can't obtain what they don't have will never understand why you should. @ilikeskittles is less than a whole man.

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I disagree, you can't prove you have any more functionality than I do.

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I can prove that nobody ever disfigured my penis.