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Unfortunately, you began with a false premise right out of the gate. Jews have no higher of an IQ than whites; in fact, an easily referenced statistic is that Jews in Israel possess an IQ equivalent or below that of the Western European median. A more salient argument would have been to discuss why Jewish-owned media wants to portray Jews as just "being smarter, Goys". Well-written but again, that first premise (and everything based upon it) is false, provably so.


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I certainly respect your perspective. Perhaps I am wrong. If I am, I accept that. I put my argument out there for you to challenge me. I welcome that. I understand why the media does what it does: it has an agenda. That agenda has nothing to do with truth.

The part I don't understand is why jews want to destroy everyone around them? It seems they would be better off to stop bullying the world and be at peace. They can't.


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Because jews have always been like that according to accountd since BC times and they've inbred themselves. They think they're the chosen people and everyone else is a subhuman goyim. All their holidays are about imaginary grudges and revenge since BC times. They NEVER forgive or forget. "Never forget". Destroying all non jews is the whole point of their belief system.



Also read part 2, 3, and 4.


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Unfortunately, Voat has a 10,000 character limit, so I had to heavily edit this piece. I'm going to look for a way to host the unabridged version of this. If anyone has suggestions, please let me know.


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You can organize your submission into comment section, but give a summary in the message body with the links to your comment section. For example, name your comment as "part 1 of n", then add the "part 2 of n" as its child comment. Then in your message body, link it to all comments with "part x/y/z of n". It's kinda like what searchvoat does when more space is needed.


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