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I wanted to post a vid about two cats fighting - to honour the O of this sub, who gave @srayzie and me the opportunity to bore everybody to death with our daily cat fights by creating the sub! :-) :-)

But then I found this video, and it's amazing! :-)

A SJW crow who tries to stop the fight of two cats! :-)

@Vindicator @EricKaliberhall @Shizy @Bopper

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LOL. Didn't look like he was trying to stop it to me. Looked like he was egging it on.

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Interesting theory.....LOL.

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vewwy amuuuusing

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LOL - I saw that you changed that now, but when you wrote this sub was for female mods fighting, you certainly provoked getting spammed with Cat Fight vids. ;-)

Hey @srayzie, have you seen that @MolochHunter has dedicated this sub to you now? (Ok, babe, let's go to the backyard...and have a fight....:-P ).

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https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=VFu7Una_QYs :

Courageous Crow Tries to Stop Feud Between Two Cats || Viralhog - YouTube

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