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When a girl does not accept my advances I say to myself there are other fish in the sea. These fuckers think they can destroy a life? Fucking barbaric insanity.

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They don't think, they are all inbred. Why do you think they sought out Europe? They needed new breeding stock.

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I would take this over lighting innocent mans on fire in courts because of terrorist organized vaginas

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"Swing and a miss!"

Sometimes it's just worth taking a swing even when you know you'll miss. Its half the fun.

How pathetic are these people, honestly? Like these have to be the sand niggers mentally retarded we're dealing with.

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Think of all the enrichment their culture offers.

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The fuck did he pour on her to burn this quick?

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Maybe lighter fluid for BBQ briquets? Or for cigarettes? Or maybe he held a lit match in front of a can of flammable aerosol.