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msm in uk does not even mention it proves how politically correct uk has become, shame on all the english ppl, they themselves are responsible for all this nonsense bcoz they let in all these filthy animal in their country.

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Im from UK bro, and your out of order, the people of the UK had as much say about the illegal, and legal immigrants entering UK as the whole of Europe and the USA. which was no say at all....not only that, anyone who try’s to speak against the cancer that has found its way in to everyones towns, gets punished (think Tommy Robinson)...this can’t be fixed by a mob charging the Houses of Parliament with pitchforks, the problem, which is being uncovered by POTUS ,Q and this movement,is far bigger than any one person, one town or one city,one country can fix.... hence the reason the Q movement is so important, that is why I’m here and many from the UK . the only way to expose the MSM is strength in numbers,the only way to beat the deep state is through strength in numbers , , and when finally the majority wake up, we will have the over whelming numbers to win our world back... we’re all in this together Bro..

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@harryAnderson does have a point, and you too. Have the people in the UK done any rallies, write to their representatives, voiced their concerns in the local radio, set up online forums or just start talking about child trafficking and abuse in the pubs?
The UK has been a hot bed for satanic ritual abuse, human trafficking and child abuse, sexual abuse for a very long time. There are plenty of documentaries on yt about UK shenanigens.
You need to start asking questions in writing over and over again, it's a long term commitment or nothing will change, there are people there who are fighting this battle, find them, learn from them. No one will come and fix it for you.

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