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Israel staged 9/11 in order to get non Jews from white countries to travel to the middle east to kill their enemies because Jews are massive pussies who could never fight a war on their own. The United States exports oil. It was never about oil or Islam. If we were going to war with Islam, we would have attacked Indonesia and Africa as well. Nobody has any love for the pig fucking sand niggers, but it solved nothing and thousands of US lives were lost in the middle east and it did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to make the United States better in any conceivable way. Now (((our government))) is importing sand niggers by the tens of thousands into the United States. Just look around you.

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Is this appropriate for this sub? Mossad did 9/11...

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Never will forget what Haliburton-Mossad-Al-Qaida did. Many innocent Americans were killed on that fateful day. Condolences to the victims of the World Trades Center, Pentagon, and Shanksville genocide.

This was the day when a genocide occurred against the American people of such great proportion. It was committed by the basest components of Islam from Khorosan, the terrorists in Israeli intelligence, and Oil factions with their money-cult involved.

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I was taking a test in school :/

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I think I was doing a quiz when they turned the TVs on to show us what was happening.

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One of the best effects of 9/11 is that the Americans learned the effects of terrorism, and stopped funding Irish terrorism in the UK. Decades of terror had been funded by Irish Americans.

Seems its OK when it happens to someone else, but it sucks when it happens to you.

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saudis did it,most of the terrorist involved in the 9/11 attack were of saudi origin but still the politicians of western countries lick the a** of filthy saudis

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wahabi saudi lobby in usa is more powerful in usa than the zionist lobby.

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