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They should be deported.

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Are they all brain damaged? It's an airplane FFS. The responsible thing to do is drill the guy in the head and hogtie him as soon as he started. They used to do that to nutters and drunks on airplanes before this Muslim shit started.

Of course his brother said he's mentally ill. They all are. Why are countries importing the mentally ill?. Seems irresponsible to a sane person.

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I would rip his head off if I was THERE.

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That was quick damage control by the "brother". Normally, when passengers interfere with flight crews, they are arrested. But if you are muslim, you get a get out of jail card free.

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It would be nice if each plane had a security officer on board to stun gun people like this. How is Sharia fair? It basically pushes everyone down in Islamic society, most especially women. I think Islam is just bad for business. Its just part of that spiritual nastiness known as the Abrahamic religions. I feel bad for all the passengers that had to contend with this issue.

I never got why Muslims dislike Jews so much, as Mohammed killed a couple Jewish tribes around Mecca when they refused to convert, but they hate Christians 100 times worse. This is yet another reason why good Christians should break away from the Abrahamic religions altogether.

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Now we KNOW.