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Hmm interesting. Its sort of like how the Zionists use the language of progress and development to justify all kinds of corruption, money-lust, and terrorism. It shows these people have to find a way to justify their own beliefs, which are sometimes not justifiable. Its best to never try to justify one's beliefs in any sense of the word, but rather justify them in a certain kind of "internalized" manner.

The justification is sometimes internally driven and works back into our reality and the sense of truth we surround this with. It basically boils down to this and nothing more than this. They use all kinds of ideas and such to cloak their full intentions, rather then openly professing what they believe because they have to guise their radicalism and ashamed of it and know it is wrong.

It shows us that people in general tend to have their ways of creating artificial boundaries to justify denaturalizing and overriding certain boundaries, which will never work in the end game. It lacks any drive for creativity and kills it altogether.

These people in the end stifle themselves and give themselves over to all kind of crude forms of existence and barbarism. I wish we had a magical spell that could help people get with reality to some extent, but it seems that is a near possibility, because truth and morality do not exist whatsoever.


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Yeah..Fuck you.