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Just dump them in the north sea and tell everybody they went back to somalia, who's going to notice?

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They'll just skip to Germany. I bet half these fucks jump back and forth anyway. Claiming multiple welfare payments from multiple high-gibs countries.

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Very likely, they even do that here in the northern United States by using multiple names and going back and forth between the US and Canada to get like 8 different welfare checks a month

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That's a lot of fuel savings. Must be the cream of the crop of shit time preference

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Why not deport all somolians?

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Slowly. You boil frogs slowly, so they do not jump out until it is already too late.

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Well Italy has already closed off their port. The tide is certainly going in our direction thus far. Spain, Germany and France being the major holdouts.

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Strip them of their nuts first too.

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Somolia is the shittiest country on Earth,with the dumbest people,why would you let them in a civilized country?

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Just fucking do it already and get started on the next 1600 you're going to kick out. This is like an obese person saying "I'm getting ready to start going to the gym so I can lose 3 pounds" for weeks on end

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Can we add a couple of zeros to that please.

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