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This is how jews also slaughter animals (kosher).

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Seriously, take a few notes from a citizen of europicuckstan;

This is one way how they get permanent passports/visas whatever you want to call it. They make sure there's a huge (upcoming) industry doing halal slaughters, which is only done by young muslim males. More muslims need more halal meat, and the cycle continues.

Halal meat is often cheaper than non-halal meat now, making it the 'normal' meat bought in stores, which in turn makes it so that even more halal-butchers are needed...and the cycles continues yet again.

All of those hundreds of thousands of young muslim males will now legally import their entire families due to our fucked up laws. These people then pump out 10 times more children compared to the native european, and you have yourself a ticket to genocide when you're of very old age simply due to numbers.

Concerning Europe, we simply can't deport those millions of immigrants who have obtained permanent residence without going full 1488. It's time to play the long con, just like (((they))) are doing. Make it undesirable for a muslim to live in the western world, and you do that by obstructing his way of life in any way possible.

Don't get me wrong, I'd like to fight them off until we have liberated everything in Europe until and including Anatolia, and deport/get rid of literally any non European we see along the way. But this type of mindset is only possible when we're literally at war, not the "war" we're fighting now. The system is too much against us right now.

Until the time of literal war is upon is, it's time to play the political long con. I don't see any other way that does not need a massive war or civilizational crash for it to be 'agreed upon' by the masses.

And yes, kosher/halal is essentially the same thing. They both work together against you, white man. Remember Constantinople, remember Spain. History literally always repeats itself simply because (((someone))) is in power and their desires are too easily noticed by those in the know.

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480+ signatures out of 500, let’s get this going. Stop what you’re doing, upvote OP and sign the petition.

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Right, because this is what we need - more government.

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but thats a good way of killing animals, what is wrong with you hate bigots

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Muzzy fag detected. ^