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Translation: We're lying, we didn't even bother and we don't want to get stabbed.

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My money is on deliberate encouraging this kind of behavior (Not by cops directly. Either they are told what to do or hired because of incompetence and Care Bare thinking).

This is groundwork for South African scenario (edit: or another war in europe to "destroy white nationalists")

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There is a video where Swedish cops surround Nordfront (Swedish NatSocs) out of thin air in like 2 minutes. There is another one where they build a literal 100+ meter WALL out of police vans again very quickly.

In short they are perfectly competent have have plenty of resources, but are part of the Islamo-Communist regime that will genocide the Swedish people.

If Swedish men were to just start killing cops it would be justified.

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Got news for the Jews ... you're fucking with homelands now ... people will arm up when push comes to shove ... and Jews will hang.

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They just don't get it. They don't want to live in peace with you. They do not want to be your equals, they want to be the Masters.

Imagine a place with no guns, no violence, no crime. A place where people don't lock their doors.

Then imagine how fast I could conquer that place and rule with an iron fist using a handgun.

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What a waste of good genes.

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must not be that great if theyre so stupid

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Doopy doo dee doo

they're all about as clued in as the Swedish Chef on Sesame Street

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Muppet show, not Sesame. If forgive you since Henson did both, but damn it man. Get it right.

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tell me thats not real. please

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About the only thing worse would be if there were burned bodies sitting in the cars ---- "Here's your ticket"

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I can't even fathom ... holy fuckballs, I can't even move it, it's a burnt out husk and a crime scene and you're ticketing it???? This alone would make me literally set fire to city hall ... after locking and barricading the doors at 1400 hours. Because everyone's back from lunch.

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Well, I feel much better now. After several nights of extreme antisocial behavior, the destruction of hundreds of thousands of dollars of other people's property, and instilling fear and loathing in the hearts and minds of ordinary people, they should receive a stern talking to. I just hope the Swedish authorities are not too harsh and maybe try to teach them about puppies and kittens and unicorns and shit. We wouldn't want these poor misunderstood children to feel bad or anything.

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Well hold on now partner, they think puppies are dirty animals and might not know kittens can be pets. Luckily the swedish police are on the case so I think we'll be able to avoid offending them or hurting their feelings.

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I hope she didn't hurt any shit-skins' feelings with that savage commentary.

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Still mad that cops kill people in the USA? Think about it we could just have cops like this instead.

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