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Nothing like trying to create an entire country of pussies.
“I promise I’ll do whatever you want, just don’t hurt me!”
Fuck that.

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There is no "good Islam".

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isn't this the girl that experience the "shot in the face' from a peaceful mudslime over getting an education..

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In that case, the muslims are an inappropriate addition to the west. Get em all out and go back to speaking out against Christians.

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What about unbiased, academic criticism of Islam?

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Lock those two in a room together, fight to the death.

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That little bitch either has had her clit cut off, or is a hypocrite.

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A PR tool for Islam.

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God damn it I hope these God forsaken shit tier Muslim loser nobodies indoctrinated by horseshit poison dead set on destroying the West with their SHIT ideas and shitty beliefs get absolutely banned and banished from ever entering any Western nation with their poison and malice. Islam offers NOTHING to Western European culture we don't have to respect or tolerate it.

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