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My family immigrated in 1969. My father had to show proof he had skills need in the United States that wouldn't take away a job from an American. My parents also had to have $5000 cash.... which translates to about $35,000 today.

As a Green Card holder - we were told - NEVER represent yourself as an American citizen or you could be deported. We were not allowed to vote until we became American citizens. We were not allowed to work certain jobs because citizenship was required. We had to renew our Green Cards every few years or they expired.

When did that all change?

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Sometime around the 1960's.

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Maga...this is how it should be..l

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In a sane world, independence would at least be required of all immigrants. Welfare is theft & dysgenics, so of course it shouldn't be tolerated. Since no one seems to be fighting that battle, requiring citizens to be born to parents born in US before possibility of welfare would mean eliminating parasite immigrants, and getting either no, or good, immigrants.

This is a logical step, however US citizens could use relief from the sabotage, too.